Game Killer (GameKiller) APK Download for Android

Part 1: What is Game Killer

Game killer is an android mobile app which allows users to hack android games easily in just one click by installing this application. Mostly this application is useful for the gamers only. Whenever you are trying to access next level of your game and spending lot of time to cross level and not getting success that time this app can be a great thing for you. This application needs you to install it in android mobile and run the app. You can easily modify coins, gems by using this app memory modifying technique. This application is downloaded by more than 10 million people and loved by all. It is a very powerful app and supports mostly every android game to crack them. Users can download this app form the official site without completing any surveys. This app is not available on the Google play store you can only find it on the official website of this app.

Download Link:

Part 2: How to use Game Killer

First of all you must know that this app only works on rooted android devices you can use android root software to root your device first if your android mobile is no root. We recommend here dr.fone – Root to root Android mobile because it supports mostly all android devices and root android mobiles in just one click only.

Android is a perfect operating system today to enjoy videos, movies, games etc. whatever you want you can enjoy on android mobile because there is every type of application available for android mobile on Google play store. You can do whatever you want with android device. But there is one issue that when you buy any android mobile then always there are some limitations in the mobile which don’t give you full access of your phone. Sometimes just because of this issue users root android mobile to get full access of everything. But today we are going share a great solution with our readers which can help them to get full access without rooting android mobiles.


Once the app is installed press back button now to minimize the app. You can see floating game killer icon on your screen now.

Now just run and play the game which you want to hack. After starting playing it whenever you need anything like score, coins etc. Game killer app icon always there on the top and click on it. You will see an option after clicking on the app icon “Input number to do exact search….” Now enter the number of the items such as coins or scores or anything from the on screen integer keyboard.

For example:

Suppose you have 1000 coins then just enter 1000 and click on search button. It will show you so many option just click on the search button continuously until it shows you a single value.

When it shows a single value then just tap on this value and enter the number of coins you need. For example enter 999999 then your coins will be changed in the 999999.

Like the above example you can change anything. You can use this app yourself by trying floating number, search etc. if you try it yourself then you will get more knowledge about it. App will be little confusing in the starting but it will become easy for you when you will use it regularly.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions about Game Killer

Everyone who tries to use any new app on their mobile they always have some questions about the apps before no one wants to damage their phone. Just read this part to get completely clarity about the android killer app.

FAQ 1: What are the supported games of Game Killer apk?

Game killer app is able to work on the offline games only because online games are very hard to hack and we need to hack the server of the game which is really impossible directly by using android apps. Sometimes users complaint that game killer app is not working on some games and other users are using it to hack those games and sending screenshots of hacked games to us so just try again and again it will work for you also.

FAQ 2: Error “installation blocked” how to rectify it?

This is not a big issue and very common error on android mobile. Android by default don’t allows you to install apk files directly on mobile for security reasons.

So just go to Setting > Security and scroll download find the option “unknown sources” and enable it.

FAQ 3: Can I use game killer no root?

If you are looking to use this app then rooting is the first steps which is necessary to use this application. You can use Wondershare Dr. Fone root android to root your mobile.

FAQ 4: Why I cannot download Game killer from the game killer site?

There is not a perfect solution available for this issue because it can happen depending on so many factors. You can follow the below solution but not sure these will work or not.

Try to use another browser sometimes it can be happen because of browser.

Click on proper link of game killer app instead of clicking on the ads.

FAQ 5: Is there any chances that Google ban me for using this app?

Google don’t care whether you are using game killer app or not so it will not ban you. The great part of the game killer app that is comes with an anti-detect mechanism which prevents developers to detect the game killer app.

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